E-learning, assessment and certification to help your business 'Open Safely' and stay open

Peace of mind in an uncertain world

world class guidance - 3 simple steps

Assessment and advice

A self assessment of conformance to the government requirements "Working safely during Coronavirus" and highlights to the business on any issues still to be addressed.

E-learning for workers

A simple learning programme for workers based on government guidance for Hands-Face-Space with certification to teach and re-enforce latest best practice.

Up-to-date certification

An up-to-date certification programme to show progress and compliance accessible to customers, partners and employees via a QR code.

"If we take only one lesson from 2020, it’s that pandemic preparedness is massively important. Billions of pounds of initial investment may sound a lot, but it could well save a public health emergency that globally costs trillions of pounds."

Dr Michael Head, BSc (Hons), PGDip, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Clinical Informatics Research Unit, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Southampton

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Are our packages right for your business?

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Our packages covers the following elements:


A self-assessment against latest government guidelines for England on how to work safely with COVID-19. The assessment document will highlight any work still required to pass the assessment. It is designed to relate to an organisation operating out of a single set of premises, or a set of premises that all have the same standards, policies and management. Successful completion of this assessment shows to you and the world that you have taken the key measures recommended by the UK Government to Open Safely.


A certificate will be issued for the organisation on completion and pass of the assessment. The certificate will be accessible to anyone via a QR code that can be displayed at your premises and on your website. The certificate will show the status and date of your self-assessment, the address of the premises it relates to and it will include photographic evidence that you provided as proof of compliance.


An eLearning course will be made available that takes about 30 minutes to complete and re-enforces current best practices. It covers advice from the NHS and the WHO on best practice for Hands-Face-Space- Air. An individual certificate will be provided to each individual on completion of the eLearning course and tests.


You will receive regular emails advising you of any changes or new requirements in government guidelines. The training programme will remain open to existing and new staff and any changes or new requirements will be advised. You may be invited to update your assessment if, for example, there are significant guidelines changes. The full package prices include three months on-going support - a renewal subscription will be required after this.